Tree TrimmingHedge Trimming

Pruning often means cutting branches back to laterals or back to the main stem using proper pruning techniques. It may also mean the removal of shoots (including stems), buds, leaves, etc. The most effective pruning is done early in the spring season, when buds begin to break and the soft tissue can be pinched off with just the fingers (hence the expression "nipped in the bud"). Many arborists follow the concept of "harvesting the sun" when pruning fruit trees. Many homeowners make the mistake of planting a fruit tree, then neglecting it until it begins to bear fruit. Careful attention to pruning and training young trees will ultimately determine their productivity and longevity. Good pruning and training will also prevent later injury from weak crotches (where a tree trunk splits into two or more branches) that break from the weight of fruit, snow, or ice on the branches.

Land Clearing Lot Preparation

Land clearing work is varied in its scope and size. Terrain, density of the vegetation, soil stability, moisture, species to be treated, environmental concerns and obstacles to work around are some of the considerations when choosing the right company for the application. The required finish and the needed production rates can also be a factor when determining the correct company for the job. We specialize in all forms of Land Clearing serving residential customers and commercial clients.

Weed ControlYard Maintainance

Weed control is the botanical component of pest control, using physical and chemical methods to stop weeds from reaching a mature stage of growth when they could be harmful to domesticated plants and livestock. In order to reduce weed growth, many "weed control" strategies have been developed in order to contain the growth and spread of weeds.

Weeds are plants out of place. A plant may be desirable in one situation and a weed in another. For example, creeping bentgrass plants can invade a Kentucky bluegrass lawn and cause unsightly patches. On a golf green, however, creeping bentgrass is highly desirable as the predominant plant. Weeds detract from the beauty of lawns due to the contrast in color and texture between the desired grass plants and the weeds. In addition, weeds compete with the desired grass plants for available water and nutrients, usually resulting in thinning of desirable plant cover.

FertilizationYard Health

Early fall is an important time for fertilizing home lawns. Fertilization is one of the primary lawn care practices. If done properly has a major positive impact on lawn appearance, but if done improperly can lead to lawn problems.

We specialize in Eco-friendly products and offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and once-a-year treatments and have a variety of lawn applications and treatments that can prevent them from returning. Allowing you and your family to relax and enjoy your backyard. We use state-of-the-art fertilizers and other pest control substances to ensure that your lawn not only looks as green as possible. Customize your seasonal applications and ensure your lawn gets the right nutrients at the right time of year.

MulchingYard Beauty

Mulch is a protective cover placed over the soil to retain moisture, reduce erosion, provide nutrients, and suppress weed growth and seed germination. Mulching in gardens and landscaping mimics the leaf cover that is found on forest floors.

Adding mulch to your garden will improve the health of the soil and beautify the appearance of your landscaping. Keller Kuts will cover garden beds with a layer of mulch to keep weeds down and reduce the need for water. Annual weed seeds are less likely to sprout when the soil is covered with enough mulch to keep the soil surface in the dark.

Re-SoddingGrass Restoration

Sod lawns are a large part of the grass lawn industry in America. The selection of creating a lawn from sod is that you almost instantly have a growing green area where nothing was the day before. Sod lawns are planted by seed or other vegetative methods at commercial farms, and grown generally for one to three years to create your new instant lawn.

Keller Kuts will put into place a beautiful sodded lawn. Each piece of your lawn is placed much like completing a giant puzzle. You will be amazed at the satisfaction you will feel when you survey your newly sodded lawn, it is worth all the hard work and cost involved.

Pest ControlBugs

Life is better with good pest control. That idea may not have crossed your mind, but here at Keller Kuts, we think about it all the time. We know that using a regularly scheduled and affordable Pest Control service makes perfect sense, as an essential part of a good yardkeeping plan. We understand how important it is to keep the constant onslaught of ants, spiders, rodents and other pests from encroaching into your yard. We see the wisdom in monitoring your yard for insect activity, and taking action whenever we're needed. We want you to know that when you call us for your yard's pest control needs, we'll be right there with our highly trained professionals, who know how to inspect your yard and evaluate what they find and pinpoint exactly what they need to do to keep you pest-free – and worry-free.